Sunday, December 23, 2012

Greatful to be alive

Wow today has been extremely out of control. My mother-in-law came over and brought my sister and niece with her. Most of my family are smokers as is my fiance so we keep an ashtray outside so there are no buts on my yard. My mother-in-law went out to smoke and instead of putting her cigarette out before putting it in the ash try full of buts she tossed it straight in and came inside. We were watching a movie and I started smelling smoke and thought that it was possibly a candle I had burning or maybe I had left the stove on after cooking breakfast. After checking the stove I turned around to walk out of the kitchen and saw the side of my house on fire. We managed to get all three kids out of the house and the fire department on the phone. I ran back inside to start filling containers full of water so I could try to put the fire out before my entire home engulfed in flames. As I was running out with the water the kids started running straight back inside. Mind you my porch was on fire right next to the door so we had three children (ages 1 to 3 years) running right by fire. We managed to get them back outside and into my mother-in-laws car so we could keep them away from the flames. After getting the fire put out on the side of my house and the porch put out, we noticed that there was a pipe on fire under the house. We got the fire put out and then the fire department arrived moments later.We got the fire put out before it could get into the walls or the roof. The damage is minimal thank the Lord and everyone is fine a little shaken up but fine. Thank you Lord for protecting my family and our home.
Thanks for reading, Knikki.
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