Monday, June 25, 2012

My Health Problems

Hi, everyone. Okay one of the things that I have been struggling with here lately is that I have ovarian cysts. Back at the beginning of March I was in quite a bit of pain so I called an ambulance and was taken to Orange Park Hospital. When I got there I was taken to their fast track center because the hospital felt that it was no big deal. The doctor did no test what so ever and told me that I probably sprang my back. I knew this was untrue, I just had this gut feeling that there was something severely wrong with me. I got home and got my kids ready ( who where at my house with my 17 year old little sister) to go to my grandparents so I could go to St. Vincents Hospital (which in my opinion is the best hospital around) to get rechecked. When getting there and explaining to the doctor what my symptoms where he felt that there was something seriously wrong and started running test. I had blood work done, xrays, a urine panel, and several different kinds of ultrasounds done. After reviewing all of the results I was diagnosed with gallbladder disease, a cyst on my right ovary, elevated liver levels, and a urinary track infection. I was sent home on all kinds of medications, referrals to some doctors to handle my problems, and was told to return to the hospital in two days to have my liver levels checked again to see if they changed any. So two days later I returned to the hospital to have the test ran again and it turned out that my levels had grew even higher so I was admitted to the hospital for observation at first. The first day out of five I was in there nothing really happened but I had some more blood work done and a cat scan done. The second day I had an MRCP I believe is what it was called but I was put to sleep and had a tube inserted down my throat to see if any gallstones where stuck anywhere to see if that was why my liver levels where elevated. The doctor found a couple stuck causing my liver to become irritated and produce more chemicals. When trying to get the stones loose they had to cut a slit into my bile duct, when this was done I started to bleed very badly after finally getting that under control the doctor was unsure whether or not he had touched my pancreas. So he inserted a stint to try to prevent pancreatic which can be deadly. Two days later I had my gallbladder surgery and that went fine. Two weeks after getting released I had to be scheduled to have the stint removed which also went fine. I also scheduled an appointment with my regular doctor to talk about my cyst. I was scheduled for another ultrasound in two weeks. But I was told that there was probably nothing to worry about that most women get some before having a menstrual period which I thought did not apply to me because my birth control causes me not to have one anymore and I also did research and it is not a side effect of my birth control either, but if it was still there we would try using medication to dissolve the cyst.  I went in to have my ultrasound and found out that there was several others on my right ovary and also some on my left ovary. I talked to the people who did the ultrasound and was told that even though they could not give me medical advise on this topic that the medication probably not work because of the amount and size of some of them. And that I probably need to ask my doctor to have my blood tested for the protein that shows cancer because of the speed at which they are spreading.I have to make my doctors appointment next week to go in and have the doctor let me know what the plain of action here is and to also talk about some headaches I have been having lately. So know I am worried sick because of not knowing what is going on inside my body and also knowing the possibilities of what it might be.
Thanks for reading, Knikki.
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Welcome To My Blog

Hi, everyone. My name is Knikki pronounced Niki. I have two little girls Natalie who was born on May 31st, 2011 and Michelle who was born November 26th, 2007. I am a full time mommy and student. I am currently studying for a dual degree my Associates in Science for nursing and my Associates in Art. I love my life and I love my family. I am planning a wedding to the love of my life. We have been together since July 12th, 2010. I am starting this blog because I have been having trouble getting my feeling, emotions, and thoughts across. I have always had trouble expressing myself to people and talking about my problems but here lately they have been getting harder and harder to deal with myself so I thought if I tried writing about my problems every time they came up it would not be as hard to deal with. I have tried talking to my fiance about them but sometimes he gets upset at some of the things I worry about so I can't really talk about it with him. I am having some health problems but I will get back to that at another time.So welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy it and thank you for stopping by.
Thanks for reading, Knikki.
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